chanel les beiges for another mag

Chanel Les Beiges for AnOther Mag

chanel les beiges for another mag

You may or may not know that Chanel has been at work to develop a new chic, high tech powder, definitely a smart move considering presentation and innovation are always key selling points for the ever-evolving, multi-billion dollar beauty industry!

AnOther Magazine tapped Sarah Beeby to do this exclusive video highlighting the new look of Les Beiges – a new Chanel powder created by Peter Phillips and the first in the Chanel cosmetics range to depart from the standard jet black, monochromatic lacquered casing. Set to music by Peter Duffy, enjoy this playful exploration of Les Beiges Chanel, a new interpretation of Gabrielle Chanel’s love for the outdoors, and codes of her Parisian house.  No word on whether or not you will be seeing more new products in the gorgeous new packaging.

chanel les beiges

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