Casa S/D Nº01 in Avaré [Brazil]

The ‘Casa Sem Dono’ # 01 (House without owner) is the first project in three adjoining lands purchased by the client with the intention of building investment houses in Avaré, a close suburb of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Designed and built by Vão Arquitetura, the single-family housing projects are turned to desires and particularities, but in this case the client being only an intermediary until the future inhabitant, program and space should be flexible enough that they could attend the most diverse family dynamics.

Their approach was to deliver a series of spaces flexible enough to accommodate the most diverse of family dynamics. “The entire project was designed not as an object but as a route back to the interior,” said the design team. “Alternating open and closed spaces where natural light and reflections change according to the time and the season.” Viewed externally, the house presents itself as a sculpted recess into the built mass, where the leaning rusty looking wall directs the perspective to the entrance.

Photography by Pedro Kok

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