Studio MK27 Built ‘Casa Na Mata’ in the Middle of the Jungle [Brazil]

Located on the edge of the Brazilian rain forest, on a block of land surrounded by dense vegetation, Casa na Mata (Jungle House) was designed and built by Brazilian architecture studio MK27. Not too far away from the Sao Paulo coastline the project objective was to optimise the connection between architecture and nature, maximising the privileged view across the ocean, while harnessing the spectacular sunlight within the internal spaces.

The main volume of the house is elevated from the ground and appears to be built into the sloping site, with the house projecting itself out from the mountain. The touching points between the slope of the site and the newly constructed elements were shaped to respect the existing land, thereby creating an organic interaction between nature and architecture.

The three levels of the Jungle House create a clear division of spaces: the ground floor houses a large covered timber deck, connected to a small room for the children; on the first floor there are six bedrooms – five of them with small verandas with hammocks – and a TV room; the second floor is the social area of the house, including the swimming pool, the living room and the kitchen.

The vertical organisation of the rooms is flipped on it’s head when compared to typical single-family houses: while the pool and the social areas are on the roof, the bedrooms are located on the floor below. The deck is on the ground floor – protected by the projection of the house – provides a generous space and shaded shelter for children to play. The service rooms are also located on this level.