Rare Vintage Fashion at Byronesque

Attention, vintage lovers! There’s a new resource for you, and it’s available online, 24/7. Byronesque is seeking to do for the vintage market what Farfetch has done for retailing online – partnering with vendors the world over to bring the finest stock of archive-worthy accessories and apparel from days past right to your doorstep. Byronesque founder Gill Linton brings a dark and subversive aesthetic to her curation, and all handpicked pieces are truly vintage – meaning 20 or more years old.


If you were as sad as I was when The New World Order shut it’s doors in 2010 then you might be delighted to hear owner Renee Bejil has exclusively his listed vast archive with Byronesque in addition to joining the team as head of merchandise. Other retailers include London’s One Of A Kind, and Paris’ Quidam de Revel.  Look out for a subscription based, back room section later this year offering stylists, designers and other creatives the chance to check out top secret archives online.

CEO and founder Gill Linton, chatting about her influences above, told BoF: “When you look back at some of the most seminal subcultures in history, how people dressed played an important role in shaping identity, attitudes and beliefs. You only have to look at mods, punks, skinheads or new romantics.”  Byronesque also features an editorial section looking to highlight such radicals, with exclusives from visionaries such as Rad Hourani, John Galliano, and more.  Hear the rest of the Byronesque team chat about their influences here and here.