Breaking Traditional Alcohol Branding with Verde Mezcal Momento

Mezcal Verde Momento breaks the traditional communication of the world of mezcal. They seek to connect with those who enjoy going everywhere, doing anything, and feeling everything.

A series of limited edition labels were designed under the Creative Direction of Carla Pizano, Carmen Ortega and Manuel Trani. They collaborated with different artists and asked them to portrait their take on a contemporary Mexico, away from the traditional clichés of the collective minds.


We spoke with Carla Pizano, and asked her about her experience working in this project, she told us that the main challenge was pushing the limits of a brand expression as much as possible without compromising the product or the business plan.

She also told us that when they presented the cat’s label to the client, their response was a “long silence”, but afterwards it became one of the most liked labels.