Boots : Beyonce’s Muse

Boots is one of the masterminds behind “Beyoncé”. After hiding in the shadows for a long time now, you can’t help but notice his name in the footnotes of the album. One things for certain Beyoncé  has clearly named him an “innovator”. When asked about how Beyoncé discovered him, his answer, “That’s for Beyoncé and me to know.”

      1. Dust - BOOTS


Jordy Asher is a Miami self-taught singer/songwriter/producer who originally started his musical career in rock bands, such as Blonds. On a personal level, he dropped out of high school at 18, and he spent his younger years in a low-middle class situation, estranged from his parents. But that is all in the past and his future is looking very promising.


“Boots is the secret ingredient of Beyoncé: In many ways, he embodies the album’s distinctive sound—hooded and contemplative, lined with rhythmic trap doors, lonely hallways of space yawning open in the arrangements. It is moody and twilit even when it’s exultant or carnal.” – Pitchfork Interview.


Beyoncé felt the connection with Boots after hearing the samples that he wrote based on his personal experience in the music business, which eventually became the rap lyrics in “Haunted”. He is now signed to ROC Nation and he has released some of his own original tracks. Hearing his music shows how huge is his imprint on Beyoncé’s album really was. One track that is definitely captivating is “Dust”, with the soft vocals and experimental melodies. The song is hypnotic and we could say that it sounds like something XO would release, in a soulful and chilly sense.


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Written by Jessica Chaker