Bonobo feat. Andreya Triana : Stay The Same

Simon Green, a british musician, producer, and DJ, is Bonobo.  The downtempo, trip-hop artist’s newest release on Ninja Tune, Black Sands, is packed full of amazing tracks.  Three of which he worked with up and coming singer Andreya Triana (the two have been working closely recently, Bonobo also produced Triana’s upcoming album).  You might recognize her voice from Flying Lotus‘ track Tea Leaf Dancers,   The song starts off with an ambient background sound that is built upon, first with the drum beat, then a harp, then Andreya’s soft, smokey voice and finally a jazzy saxophone completes the ensemble.  The new album is full of tracks that progress in a very linear fashion, always building on themselves.  It’s well worth a listen.  Enjoy!

      1. Bonobo - Black Sands - 10 - Stay The Same ft. Andreya Triana

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