Bobby Womack_Please Forgive My Heart Artwork

Bobby Womack: Please Forgive My Heart

Bobby Womack_Please Forgive My Heart Artwork

      1. Please Forgive My Heart




he heart that needs forgiving beats its way into Bobby Womacks island-flavored piece of soul song, “Please Forgive My Heart.” The 68 year old artist, known as the protege of soul legend Sam Cooke, reinvents himself with this old-meets-new track after 2 years of silence following his marginally successful, 2010 so-called ‘comeback’ album. The extremely modern production–of the Jamie xx persuasion–he adopts confirms him as an evolutionary artist, surviving with the fittest while maintaining a distinctly soulful vocal expression.


I could try to say I’m sorry
But that won’t be quite enough
To let you know the pain that I feel

If the lyrics aren’t indicative enough of his pain and yearning for atonement, Womack’s delivery paints an accurately telling picture of regret. What he regrets, the listener can not determine for certain. However, considering his widely publicized past, it is not hard to imagine possibilities. Gossip columns are no advent of the 21 Century by any means, and this man knows better than most.


Back in 1964, with no lack of outrage and scandal, Womack married his mentor, Sam Cooke’s widow three month’s after his death, receiving scrutiny from the music society for years to come–who knows if the lyrics are based on this exact situation, but it is fathomable. As time passed, Womack outgrew the poor reputation. He began work with The Rolling Stones, writing hits like “It’s All Over Now,” and his own classic, “Across 110th Street,” even earning himself an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009.


Now, back on his feet with a new contemporary flair, Womack is set to release his June 2012 album, “The Bravest Man In The Universe.” This time, it really is a comeback. Soul stirs once again.