Beck ft. Jack White: I Just Started Hating Some People Today


      1. I Just Started Hating Some People Today

If anyone can convince us that front porch country-rock is the new high, leave it to Beck and Jack White. The music superheroes saddle up for an under the radar single, “I Just Started Hating Some People Today” where harmonica belts, guitar climbs, and twang flies as the bravos of rock and country frisbee listeners a ‘wow’ track. In what feels like an off the hip riff from the back deck, the single (unofficially released hours ago) off White’s Blue 7″ via Third Man Records, dresses Beck in spurs before his flip switch into his other fresh release, “Silk Pillow” featuring beat-boxer, Childish Gambino.


The adrenaline runs aimless as hype races between a fresh Beck and the collaboration with legend-in-the-making Jack White (as if we aren’t over Blunderbuss yet). Evocative of a J. Cash slash an H. Williams piece, and with the vocal pizzazz over gen-Y attitude, this track harmonizes with the inner workings of two music masters. Hands down. But it doesn’t stop there. Just as listeners drift into a summer sweat the tune parts into an exhale of crash rock (think 90s faux punk) before folding over into a seductive narrative, enveloping a Nashville late pour with a faint Pulp Fiction ambiance. Your call, as this hit plays nothing shy of adventurous.