Artist Talyor Kinser is Selling Emotions in Bottles

Not the most recent project (2014), although Trendland never really bothered about time sensitive news. American designer and artist, Taylor Kinser had the genius idea to bottled and sell emotions as an art piece, and if you are running low on love or need a little of excitement, why not getting one Bottled Emotions!? The set of fake emotional essences, packaged in custom plastic bottles Kinser designer, comes with a handbook for using them titled Victory’s Tonic Guide.

“The tonic guide continued the conceptual work by giving recipes of how much of each emotion you need to have to get through big events,” she explained. “The guide meant to be both comical and serious since no one can put a quantity on how much of one emotion a person will need to get through something.”

From the artist:
This project explores what it means to be emotionally available. I designed packaging using the vernacular of apothecary to create the labels. The accompanying Tonic Guide that works as an infographic to describe the amounts of emotions needed to get through various situations.