LA Lady, or the Savoir Faire of Boredom

Directed by Thomas Simon

LA Lady is a sponge to her environment, soaked into the zeitgeist, she knows not what she wants, but what she longs for. She rides fast on the trend train heading to nowhere. LA Lady does not copy anyone, she gets inspired by everyone she admires. She likes sushi and rock and roll, she’s gonna be an icon someday, her followers are watching.

Written, Directed and Filmed by Thomas Simon, this fashion film depicts a day in the life of a bored Los Angeles model. It’s a lighthearted satire that lives on the edges of being smart and ridiculous, entertaining and boring, wise and nonsensical.

Wardrobe provided by For Love & Lemons.

Starring Trew Mullen.

Makeup Artist: Yasuko Shapiro
Gaffer: Sam Pemberton
Stylist: Coco-Margaux Rodale
Colorist: Jacob McKee
Sound Mix: Darren Maynard