Art School Confidential : Camilla Lastrina

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As a pseudo Art School Alumni I know that art school is where you can scout some of the freshest new talent. This was one of my favorite things to do when I was in school. I always sat next to the best illustrator in my illustration class, the best seamstress in my sewing class, and the best designer in my concepts class, with the idea that sitting in close proximity of them I would be infected by their style and skill.  Though I am no longer in school I try to keep close tabs on the art schools.

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Here is a sneak peak into a recent Alumni of The Danish Design School MA program, Camilla Lastrina. Lastrina finished her MA this summer and I had a little talk with her to get a better sense of her perspective. i asked her about her inspirations and aspirations and what it took to put together her graduating portfolio.camilla  lastrina-14

“All creativity starts with some kind of fascination, and a desire to recreate the feelings and attractions that was originally connected to it.”

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“When I saw the movie Apocalypto in 2006, for the first time, it woke something in me. The fantastic universe contained a brutality and straightforwardness which, combined with the beauty and greatness, drew me to it – and the desire to recreate and combine the contrast filled elements, with my own style and esthetics has grown ever since. The film itself is not present in the final outfits – but it has led me to my own inspiration. I took the elements from the movie, and found my own pictures, to express the same tension and contrasts. My collection focuses on the neck, as a symbol of the proud tribal element and my outfits move on the edge between the elegant/luxurious and the brutal/androgynous and the tension it creates gives strength to the collection in a contrast filled universe.” – said Camilla.

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Camilla Lastrina’s portfolio is a great documentation of the creative process that goes into creating a collection.