L’Eclaireur New Concept-Store [Paris]


As a Parisian, I can tell you that L’Eclaireur is THE best concept store in the French Capital – If you told me “and what about Colette?” I would tell you, Colette’s got the hype, L’Eclaireur got the class!  Nothing comes close to them in Paris. Owned by French fashion connoisseur Armand Hadida and his wife Martine (owners as well of Parisian tradeshow Tranoi ). They already have 5 stores in Paris and 1 in Tokyo – This one is their 6th one, and they went pretty far into the concept, designed by Belgian Designer Arne Quinze. They decided to create a space different than any other boutiques, they wanted to prove that for selling fashion, it is not obligatory to show it, and this is why they decided to hide part of the clothes, leaving room for the percievers imagination.

Here is the review about the opening of their 6th store in 40 rue de Sévigné 75003 Paris.


With a mix of Art, luxury brands and technology like the Microsoft Table Touch or the 147 screens on the walls made of wood, cartons, polystyrene and aluminum, as well as the surprise walls that rise and fall, to accede the garments, the new l’Eclaireur store will definitely be THE new shopping destination spot in Paris…Can’t wait to see it !


” This is the place that we always dreamt of “ said Hadida, ” Our luxury is able to go further each time. Unrelated to what already exists. We encourage research, relationship, surprise. Mark the difference in finding the right expression of the moment.”


“We  are playing with the discovery, the role of the sales associate is to communicate “


” This is not a store” said Arne Quinze, ” Its and experience, this project is the formatting of a dream, an intention fed with emotions, stories, memories;  like a tale in which I hope everyone can find a little of himself “


Interview of Hadida about fashion senses by Diane Pernet