Anika Lori’s Art

anika lori-BLACK-SUN1-300dpi

Anika Lori’s art is layered with history, emotion, and a great deal of symbolism. The Danish based artist became noticed for her vibrant collages but has more recently began to develop her paintings and sculptures. You can see examples of Lori’s sculpture work below in her reinterpretations of the Matrioshka dolls. Anika Lori’s work has a tendency of punctutating oragnic concepts and ideas with bold graphic lines and shapes, a contrast which is very signifying to her style. I also really like how she uses the graphic shapes to create, whats seems like little alternate worlds which live within  each shape.

anika lori-2

anika lori-mulig1

anika lori-09

anika lori-GOLDEN_BOYZ

anika lori-golden-performance-72-dpi

anika lori-15

anika lori-_B5N5155

anika lori-08

anika lori-14

anika lori-5

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anika lori-1