Song of the Day : [12/04]

Max Richter : On the Nature of Daylight

Max Richter The Blue Notebooks album cover

There is a reason a genre by the name of ‘classical’ exists; it sincerely is music classic in nature, indisputably relevant and engaging within and beyond all eras. Max Richter‘s The Blue Notebooks, though said to muse over “the impermanent nature of things,” ironically is a permanent fixture in one’s musical memory. One of those rare albums that allow one to hit play and the mere thought of skipping a track never crosses the mind. The album in its entirely is beautiful through and through, telling a seemingly personalized and different story at each listen. Throughout this masterpiece [which feels like a soundtrack to a tragic love film] Tilda Swinton slides in every now and then narrating excerpts of Kafka and Milosz. In particular, the second track ‘On the Nature of Daylight’ takes one on a journey of their own choice if they only close their eyes and not only hear but listen to the gradual and graceful collision of strings. The song can bring about a plethora of dream-like emotions; melancholy to jubilant, wintry to romantic. In any event, depending on a person’s particular circumstance at the time of listening, the haunting passion of Richter’s composition shows through ever so clearly.

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      1. Max Richter - On the Nature of Daylight

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