Ane Brun: Do You Remember


      1. Do You Remember (feat. First Aid Kit)


Nothing says indie like a Tumblr band page or an EP after years of venue debuts. But Ane Brun gives indie an entirely new meaning as the Norwegian continues her 10-year career of independent singer/songwriter ventures after four albums, her own label (Balloon Ranger Recordings) and her solo-abiding sanctuary, “There is something about the focus in playing by myself that fascinates me…There is nothing to hide behind when I’m alone on stage and it becomes almost meditative for me when I play.”


Tribal, orchestral and layered with her trademarked velvet vocals, Ane Brun drops her latest single (featuring First Aid Kit) as an introduction to her recent album, It All Starts With One, (produced by Tobias Fröberg) which continues down the dream-noir path in a hypnosis of saintly pitches and mirage sounds.


The vocalist has mastered her identity over the course of countless tours and openings in the realm of modern folk and eclectic acoustics. Just when her music summons Madonna’s Evita days or something Anja Garbarek, Brun hits a higher note and taps a beat to score something more Ane Brun, like a voice on stilts wading through awkward melodies. Her material plays out in modern folk fashion but with an acute awareness to what keeps her sound so independent.