Aestheic Sound

Aesthetics Sounds : Mad World (Cover)

You may know this Manchester duo from Bipolar Sunshine or Jazz Purple…Kid British anyone? Or you caught them at SXSW last year? Dig into Adio Marchant and Ola Mudape Ojo. The freshly crafted 6-track mixtape, Aesthetic 1.0, houses this gem cover of Mad World – unleashing their latest music project under the name Aesthetics Sounds. Jamaican undertones and a slice of dub, together where vocals soar, make for the perfect audio binge over that track that found our Darko hearts. The EP is full of experimental sounds, and although Mad World is our fave we’ll let you explore as the artists tout:

This 6-track mixtape embodies the labels intent of living outside musical perimeters and the fallacy and genre conformity by being free to express oneself with the purity of truth.



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