Acme scaled

Acme Restaurant [NY]

I will ride this Nordic food trend as long as I can continue to eat at Acme. A perfect residence on Great Jones St. helps define Acme’s fashionable bohemian feel. A celebration of Nordic food and artistic culture, this downtown eatery draws the coolest crowd. Danish chef Mads Refslund is doing some magical things in the kitchen and has an entourage of notable taste-makers to help run this reclaimed restaurant. The dim lights and obscure art scattered around the dining room make you appreciate the creative dishes coming out of the kitchen all the more.

Shrimp and bison tartare, I must have read it three times before I realized that it was and intentional combination. It is a rebellious pairing to shake up your pallet in the best way possible. The warm kale salad was a refreshing mix of textures with a pleasant bite of pistachio.  I took a bite of the pot-roasted cauliflower and a feeling of nostalgia takes over; I am hooked. The arctic char was cooked to perfection and comes with an accompanying horseradish drizzle that will instantly clear any springtime allergies. Another hit of comfort comes in the pot of chicken & eggs.  A seemingly mundane entre, could not have been more perfect. It is one of those dishes where you just have to close your eyes for a second to really savor the simplicity in quality and great cooking. Acme also has a downstairs bar with a curated menu and distinctive cocktails created by Ben Hehir. Great Jones St. and Bond St. have a competition going for my favorite street in New York, since Acme moved in, the stakes have been raised.

9 Great Jones St  New York, NY 10012
(212) 203-2121