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1947 By Yannick Alléno

Master French chef Yannick Alléno has won numerous Michelin stars for nearly every restaurant he is involved in, needless to say I wouldn’t want to get into a cooking duel with him any time soon. This culinary artist takes food to the utmost level of class and sophistication. Balancing 15 restaurants worldwide is quite a culinary feat in itself, but then add 4 books and a consulting group and you’ve got quite a full schedule. Alléno handles his ventures with passion and perfection also evident in each of his dishes.


He cooks with a distinct French discipline, following the fundamentals of gastronomy to have classical dishes with modern creative refinement. Chef Alléno takes the complication out of choosing the perfect wine pairing. At his restaurant 1947, he cleverly combines the two such: a loin of veil marinated in barrels from Château Yquem, and vegetables that are fermented in vine leaves from Krug’s Clos du Mesnil. 1947 in the Cheval Blanc hotel is a modernistic dining experience that still appreciates the art of tradition.

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