Zuo Corp.’s Pop-Up Store in Warsaw

As if getting out of a store weren’t hard enough already. The mind-blowing design of the Zuo Corp. pop-up shop in Warsaw makes it nearly impossible.

Designed by Polish architects Super Super and Inside/Outside, the shop’s interior ceiling and walls are completely covered with mirrors, with LED lights lining the edges, creating an illusion of boundless space and endless clothing racks—all within a 27 square meter area.

The shop even manages to house the requisite main showroom, a storage room, and a dressing room.

The outside, however, is a totally different story. Built in the dead of Warsaw’s harsh winter, the black cube-like structure had to be built out of two office containers, as well as provide protection against heavy snow, frost, and temperatures as low as -20° C.

“The aim was to achieve maximum effect with minimum means, having a small budget and the use of the base structure of the containers. Another important task was to create a surprise effect when entering the pop-up shop.

Small, inconspicuous object, as it seemed from the outside, was creating an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ effect, to introduce the viewer to another world. The outer facade of the black cube did not announce what happened inside the pavilion.” (Quote from Super Super)

More information at www.zuocorp.com, www.supersuper.pl & www.insideoutside.pl