MeError Project by Leonardo Magrelli

The MeError project by Leonardo Magrelli collects a series of short circuits, of visual errors. Apparently they are simple photos taken in front of a mirror: we should see ourselves reflected in it, but we don’t, as if we were invisible.


Murray Fredericks Vanity Series

Since 2003, Australian photographer Murray Fredericks has made at least twenty journeys to the center of Lake Eyre, a desert lake with an extremely high concentration of salt.


Ethereal Mirrors by Elkeland

Danish designer Ida Elke Kallehave founded Elkeland, an independent visual studio who’s inviting you to slow down and pay a ‘silent’ attention to reflections and lights play.


Drift Mirrors Reflect The Beauty Of Landscapes

F/Ms studio is interested in sculptural objects and conceptual design that meticulously merge indoors and out, raw and polished, high quality and industrial design. The studio’s Drift mirror series is no different, juxtaposing polished elements against surfaces that are less controlled. Artist Fernando Mastrangelo, creator of F/Ms studio, will exhibit the collection at the iconic…


Broken Beauty

“Exposed” by artist Kelly Sullivan is a steel hanging mirror that embodies the integral beauty of the broken and exhausted.