Zevs’ Liquidated Logos

An anonymous French street artist who was amongst those who pioneered the French street scene, Zevs began his work in the early ’90s as a tagger. By the end of the ’90s, he was most known for his poetic drawings of shadows in Paris, as well as “bombing” models on billboards between the eyes. In 2002, he cut out a model of a Lavazza-poster at Alexanderplatz in Berlin, and above the hole in the poster he wrote : “VISUAL KIDNAPPING-PAY NOW!”His intervention caused a stir amongst art lovers and people in Berlin. (Stealing an image from a poster in Germany is now spoken as visual kidnapping.) Zevs has also been doing what he calls ‘proper graffiti’ for many years, where he writes on dirty walls with a high pressure jet.
Currently, he has his first solo exhibit in London, at the Lazarides gallery called “Liquidated Logos.”