years and years

Years and Years : London Youngsters Got Soul

      1. Years and Years - Take Shelter


The sounds of London outfit Years & Years are a soulful blend of silky electronic beats and pop vocalization that tethers on a depth and maturity that we have come to expect from the UK rising talents. Michael, Emre, and Olly Alexander, known by many by his work on screen in films such as Summerhill, Bright Star, and Enter the Void, make up this convincing trio that keep us guessing with their every release.


      2. Years and Years - Real


Their first single “Traps” , a more straightforward indie pop rendering, much different from their latest release “Take Shelter” which touches on some dancehall and r&b transitions, and in the midst of these two noteworthy tracks a record entitled “Real” released under Kitsune in January of 2014 which embodied a smooth electronic r&b motion.


One things for certain with an act that does not limit itself to a certain sound and executes whatever sound they do take on so seamlessly, they will continue morphing and reinventing until the world takes notice. Here’s another record they collaborated on with talented UK producer The Magician “Sunlight” which just dropped yesterday. Those disco infused major chord stabs in constellation with Olly Alexander’s powerful vocal delivery at times brings a Michael Jackson flare to mind that will surely have you grooving.


      3. The Magician - Sunlight feat Years and Years