yayoi kusama at The Centre

Yayoi Kusama at Whitney Museum through September 30, 2012

yayoi kusamafireflies on the water

Yayoi Kusama is trending in a big way this year, but if you follow Trendland you were onto it earlier than most.  We have already posted on our calendar the dates of her retrospective at The Whitney  this month but  because I am such a fan and  think her work is so relevant and important in pop culture, and this show has such scope and depth to it,  I feel is important to share some images of what people can expect to see at the show. Her “Fireflies on Water”, 2002, above,  will be in the lobby, this work is pure Kusama in that her essence and soul ARE this piece, from the graphic dots of light to the 3 dimensionality and viewer interaction, her imprint is heavy on this one.

Yayoi kusama_corpses

“Leaves”1954 , “Tree” 1952, and “Corpses”1950 , above are examples of her endless experiments with art, she does not limit herself to one medium, which again is a great example of the Kusama work ethic. No boxes here, all mediums allowed in her world.  Graphic,  indeed, color and composition with, again, depth perception which immediately engages the viewer.

yayoi kusama

Her fabric sculptures are yet another facet of her very long and illustrious career, she started doing them back in the 60’s, completely revolutionary and very far ahead of her time and an artist who works from her heart. “Accumulations” 1963, above, will also be featured in the show. Of course, what sets her apart is that she has been able to incorporate the intellect in her work without compromising her integrity, as seen in these amazing installations.


yayoi Kusama whitney

Black and white, pen and ink, (above’s) “All About My Love, and I  Long to Eat a Dream of the Night”, 2009, the title alone pretty much brings me to tears……. here we have the all seeing eye, a major image and theme in her work, they are scattered in controlled chaos all over the paper, which immediately brings up feelings of emotional purging, exposing oneself and the implications of this.




Yayoi Kusama Self Obliteration Net Obession Series copyright Yayoi Kusama

“Self Obliteration”, above, is a photo collage, made in 1966, again, reoccurring integral themes……..

yayoi kusama

There will be a book of her work sold and attached to the show, the cover image above is so cool I had to include it in this post, I love the dead on look in her eyes, exposing herself for all of us to see, a very intimate image….

Yayoi _Kusama_yayoi kusama husdon park insall

In addition to the Whitney space, there is an adjust installation at the Hudson River Park, Pier 45 at Christopher Street.


yayoi kusama p

yayoi kusama


yayoi kusama

yayoikusamayayoi kusamayayio kusama

yayoi kusama at The Centre

yayio kusama

I also wanted to include some images of work not included in the Whitney show, just to give you an overall experience of this amazing artist’s scope. Her talent goes way beyond the physical experience, and into the heart and soul ; merging these two very different aspects into works that are compelling both physically and emotionally without selling out is so difficult, not many manage to do it. But Kusama is somewhat of an enigma, she is different, and soulful and smart and IN life, commenting on our culture and our sentiments and coming up with product that will be a reflection of US for many years to come.