Curumin: Selvage


      1. Selvage


Brazilian, Curumin (aka Luciano Nakata Albuquerque) describes his new album Arrocha as a “rhythm, a way of dancing where you hold your girl very close. That pressure is something we feel here in Sao Paolo”–his hometown. “It’s a very big city and you are always surrounded by people. On this album I’m trying to make more sensual music, speaking with a lot of feeling and getting closer to people.”


The Six Degrees Records’ soul and R&B artist keeps a groove in his step, which walks in line with the Boss-Nova and Brazilian jazz so intact in his culture. As gold-striking musicians encounter from time-to-time, Curumin’s “Guerreiro” was placed in a Nike commercial advertising the FIFA World Cup. With this, support from hip-hop duo, Blackalicious, and success at Chicago’s World Music Festival, his success was in full motion. Now, bodies are too.