WhoMadeWho: Inside World

Listen to “Inside World” here

      1. Inside World


WhoMadeWho. The Danish trio inquire by title even before we can ask the question hanging on our lips: Who makes WhoMadeWho? Jeppe Kjellberg, Tomas Barfod, and Tomas Høffding do.

We are ushered into the front door of their genre-warping electro-synth, dancing feet still jumping back and forth through the back door letting in a detectable rock sound. It is that incontestable uniqueness, which earns comparisons to genre ringleaders like Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture.

After two albums and evolving years to rule airwaves and festivals throughout Austrailia and Europe, the 2010 SXSW festival nomination as “best show of the festival” gave them recognition in the United States. Now, the matured dissent against falling into an existing category has resulted in their 3rd album, Brighter (out February 27, 2012). The work is sure to secure a place for WhoMadeWho in their own wonderfully mutated genre of electronic music. Enjoy!