Wes Anderson for Hyundai

Keep your eyes peeled for these super rad Hyundai commercials directed by Wes Anderson and set to premier during The Oscars today. It is pretty amazing how Wes Anderson’s signature cinematic style can also have such a dynamic impact in just a minute and half or under. He really takes you on a journey into the past to tell a story of the present and even future, with titles like “Talk to My Car” and “Modern Life”. I wish we could see more commercials of this caliber.

Client: Hyundai
Product: Azera
Agency: Innocean Worldwide
Director: Wes Anderson

Senior Producer: Helen Erb
Creative Directors: Robert Prins, Max Godsil
Art Director, ‘Talk To My Car’: Tom Gibson
Copywriter, ‘Talk To My Car’ : Steve O’Brien
Art Director, ‘Modern Life’: Frauke Tiemann
Copywriter, ‘Modern Life’: Kevin Samuels

via AW