Welter Shelter Wants You to Stay Dry and Warm

The Amsterdam based all-weather jacket brand “Welter Shelter” sheds a new light on Insulation and technical fabric use in its Autumn Winter 2016 collection. This season the insulation is produced in close cooperation with Meida, a superior insulation program that keeps you warm whilst remaining thin, flexible and breathable. The result is a very stylish, lightweight, thin winter jacket with maximum functionality!

The secret in the MEIDA insulation is the art of layering. One layer of thousands of Polyethylene micro-fibers pressed on a square millimeter equals the warmth of a woolen sweater. Most of our jackets have a 150grms MEIDA insulation, equaling 5 woolen sweaters with a thickness of only 0,8 centimeter.

Enough math, as Polyethylene also has some other valuable qualities: It leads transpiration out of the insulation so that warmth is preserved (in contrary to Polyester, the mostly used insulation material that holds moist). And last but not least it works as a wind stopper, blocking wind coming through your jacket, which often is the main cause for feeling cold.


All of this season’s fabrics are Italian-made in the finest mills. You will find the “Loro Piana storm system”; a fine layer of wool with a storm-system-membrane behind for absolute protection. There is a cashmere wool blend in dark navy for a super soft feel or the more rugged looking polyesters. The three-layer cotton has become one of our staple qualities, which will return every season.