Beautiful Mezcal Branding by Savvy Studio

Savvy is a design, architecture and branding studio based in New York and Mexico focused on sharing unique stories.

For one of their latest projects they designed the packaging for a Barro de Cobre, a mezcal that believes in taking its time, doing things the proper way. This is why it is distilled twice – once, using a clay pot and the second time round, in a copper pot. BdeC were proud to be the first to conceive this unique blend of different distillation processes, which is where we drew its name from. Strong yet smooth, clear yet earthy.



Savvy developed a graphic language that reflected the characteristic duality behind BdeC’s processes, by overlapping two seemingly opposite textures and finishes. On one hand, a colder and more industrial side – white-satined papers – and on the other a warmer and more artisanal one – uncoated papers and embossing. The brand’s logo reflects the slight imperfections that come from doing things by hand, tracing an otherwise perfect digital typeface – once again, representing the opposing yet complementing forces behind this mezcal.