We Barbarians: Chambray (Video)

Listen to “Chambray here

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“Chambray” is by far the most powerful member of We Barbarians’ Headspace. That said, it seems only right that the song be saved as last, but not least, of the LA-bred trio’s promotional efforts for the 2011-released EP.

Producer of Superhumanoids’ latest video, “Mikelah,” Thomas Sobel, and his trusted director, Arms Race were chosen to provide its visual inspiration. In a post-apocalyptic setting, “the neon glare” alludes to a coveted holy grail of a glowing object. The U2-esque, climactic chants make for a triumphant anthem peaking at every chorus. In a single uncut shot, the story unfolds.

Enjoy, and look for their second album expected early next year.

We Barbarians – Chambray from WE BARBARIANS on Vimeo.