Wardrobe of Nature by Anni Rapinoja

After the edible fashion, here is the ‘Wardrobe of nature’. The works of Anni Rapinoja, who has studied geography and botany, are the results of versatile studies, in which the theory and art are combined – Wardrobe of Nature tells about the polymorphism of the nature and the essence of human being as a part of the nature. 

To some of the works the shape has been taken from the human world, but the nature is shaping this world as workmate. As an environmental activist Anni Rapinoja knows, how easily environmental and ecological aspects can be ignored in decision making and bureaucracy, if maximized economical profi t is set as the only ambition.

In that case the true and the most essential essence of the human being is forgotten – the human being needs the nature, because he is a part of it.
What we do to the nature, we do to ourselves. Increasingly sick welfare state can be seen and felt. The mere hard values only are not enough any more.

The art is a strong way to affect to the change of values.

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