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Valentine’s Day With Chandelier Creative and Susan Miller


n Valentine’s Day, couples of all sorts came together, taking in iconic downtown skyline views from the Standard East’s Penthouse, all part of a night of love, fun, celebration and astrology.  Welcomed by Richard Christiansen and his team at Chandelier Creative, the party, which benefited Freedom To Marry, featured a performance by Tokyo band The Suzan, as well as entertainment from illustrious astrologer Susan Miller.


There were more than a few couples who jumped at the chance for a reading with Miller, but little did they know they would be in for some surprises.  Gasps and wide eyed looks of shock were seen and heard around the room when she surprised one couple by telling them to stick it out for the kids’ sake, but, alas, it wasn’t all bad news for love.  Starting with the world’s most gracious host, CC’s Founder and Creative Director Christiansen, let’s see what’s in the stars for a few of the night’s guests, at least according to the precise calculations of our expert astrologer.


Trendland Chandelier valentine party


Words from Susan Miller

When it comes to compatibility, I feel anyone can get along with any other person, even if the two Sun signs are not a traditional astrological “compatible” pairing. It will take a little extra effort, but most of the time, that’s the fun of being in a relationship. Keep in mind that we all are more than our Sun sign—we are given a placement of 8 planets and Sun and moon at birth in our natal chart—and each of those heavenly bodies impart certain talents and gifts that color our personality.
Astrologers know that your chart will never be replicated in time, space or geography, for each of the planets, along with the Sun and moon, move at vastly different orbits and speeds. Every tiny degree matters in an astrological chart, so even twins have different natal charts. The wonderful truth is that you were born completely unique and you blend with others in unique ways. For this reason let no one tell you that your one true love is not astrologically compatible with you. Astrology can show you areas to be aware of that might cause conflict, and it will be up to you to keep your antenna up to find ways to blend with your partner’s proclivities and needs while still addressing yours. The point is, you CAN get along with the person you love. Through the examples of the six couples we look at below, you will get a ring-side seat on how astrology works between two people, in love or business.
When you read about each of the couples, pay close attention to the elements of the sign, whether I mention air, earth, fire or water.


Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius
Air: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
Water: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

The very finest blend is when you find two people who share the same element, such as water with water (Pisces and Scorpio) or fire with fire (Aries with Leo). Second best is when two compatible elements blend between the couples, such as when one is a water sign (Cancer) and the other is an earth sign (Taurus). So-called incompatible signs are easy to see: fire and air both become smothered by earth, water douses fire—you get the idea. That’s when it is important to look at the other planets in the chart to see how those planets interrelate.
Another vital part of the chart to note is your “ascendant” or “rising sign” (both refer to the same thing)—the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon as you were being born. Your rising sign describes the personality elements you chose naturally and unconsciously to express your individuality and to cope with life’s demands. Your rising sign will remain unchanged all through your life. Once you know your rising sign, you must read it faithfully, as you would for your Sun sign in my columns, books and apps, and other astrologers’ work too. Here is a point you may not have known: we all have two charts, your Sun sign chart, and your rising sign chart.
Now lets look at the six couples below who attended the “Freedom to Marry” party on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013 at the Standard Hotel on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I was not give the time of birth of any of the individuals discussed, so I did a sunrise chart for the day each person was born.

Richard Christiansen chandelier trendland

Richard Christiansen
Founder/Creative Director of Chandelier Creative
Leo, born August 15, 1976
Richard is a big-thinking, fire-sign Leo who will never run out of ideas, with a great sense of humor. Leo is one of the two super creative signs of the zodiac (Pisces is the other). Richard apparently loves his work as he was born with Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, in his natal solar tenth house of career honors, awards, achievement and fame. Richard was born to be famous—and to receive respect for his work.


The Couples


jeff carvalho leemor rhodes chandelier trendland

Leemor and Jeff
Leemor Rhodes
Publicist at Think Pr
Sagittarius, born on December 15,1980
Jeff Carvalho
Magazine Editor/Partner Highsnobiety – Selectism
Pisces, born on March 5, 1975
Together 6 months
Leemor was born with Neptune conjunct his Sagittarius Sun, the signature of a highly creative, artistic and visionary individual. It appears his moon is found in Aries, the sign of an entrepreneur who is always on the lookout for new business opportunities. He is very serious about his work, has he has planet of luck and happiness, Jupiter n his natal solar ninth house of publishing and broadcasting, international people and places—conjunct his natal Saturn, planet of long-term gains. Both planets were in Libra at his birth, indicating how easily it is for Leemor to collaborate with others, and how seriously he respects those alliances.
Jeff was born under several very lucky stars. His natal Mercury, the thinking, and analytical planet of communication, is found in Aries and conjunct Jupiter, planet of good fortune, happiness and financial gain when he was born. Jeff was also born just days after his Sun in Aries, met with Jupiter—this is an aspect I call the luckiest day of the year. Jeff thinks big and has boundless enthusiasm for his projects, a reason others want to work with him.
It is so very fortunate that Leemor has the moon in Aries, for it matches Jeff’s natal Sun, indicating a special bond between the two. Jeff seems to understand Leemor’s inner needs, and Leemor will support Jeff’s ambitions. Sagittarius and Aries blend ideally, effortlessly and with a spirit of great fun and adventure. Sagittarius is an intellectual sign, so there’ll be lots of talk, debate, as well as much international travel. This a fun couple, and their interactions—both are fire signs—will seem as natural as breathing.


Christine Alex chandelier trendland

Christine and Alex
Princess Christine Renee Czetwertynski
Energy Healer
Sagittarius, born December 7, 1976
Prince Alex Czetwertynski
Creative Director
Capricorn, born December 27 1975
Together 8 years
This couple’s baby girl is due to be born June 22, 2013 – due to be a Cancer: Water
Christine is a flexible person, a fire-sign Sagittarius, who communicates exceedingly well. (Actually, she is so talented at this she should work in publishing, broadcasting, PR, film, web design, or other one of the communication arts.) Christine is very upbeat, adventurous, and optimistic. This year all Sagittarians are under fantastic marriage vibrations so I can only imagine that Alex is doing very well, providing quite a feeling of security to Christine now.
The couple is expecting a baby girl, June 22. I feel the baby will come on time, most likely a day or two later than the due date, on June 23, the full moon in Capricorn. A majority of babies are born on full moons. The baby will be close to both parents, as she has lovely links to both.
Christine is very honest and frank—sometimes to a fault, as this proclivity may upset the feelings of others around her at times. This is one tendency that Christine may want to watch when interacting with her husband and her future daughter. As said, the baby is due to be a Cancer, a water sign. Fire can put out water’s spirit. Cancers have extremely very tender feelings and could become hurt by casual critical comments, without Christine ever noticing or understanding why her words are having such a strong affect. (This is something that lasts a lifetime, so it’s not something that is to be watched only during the baby’s childhood.) The baby’s father would be able to help, for he will understand and be able to provide the soothing balm for the child’s feelings. Cancer does not easily open up to talk about what is concerning them—they have a shell that comes down to protect them whenever they are hurt, so they do not seek comfort from others.
If the baby comes just a little early, the child will be Gemini, and not have the sensitivities of a Cancer—Gemini can more easily criticism much more easily than a Cancer. If the baby is born early she will be a bit more like her mother, able to deal with “truth” as it comes to her, intellectually and not feel as hurt by it. Yet I feel that because Alex is a Capricorn, this little baby will come June 23 or a day or two beyond, near the full moon in Capricorn. We have to wait and see!
As I mentioned, Alex is a Capricorn, and so he would tend to be the practical realist in the relationship, balancing Christine’s exuberant, sunny style. Sagittarius tends to live life without extensive preplanning, for this sign is usually confident things will work out well in the end, and oddly this tends to be true. Sagittarius’ strong optimism becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Alex, just the opposite, a cautious Capricorn, , Alex would plan for years ahead and prepare for a host of eventualities.
I would bet Alex handles the family checkbook and investments, as Capricorn is a financial sign. Christine is skilled at drawing out Alex’s feelings, getting get him to open up and talk about matters that concern him, Having open lines of communication is always a sign of a good marriage. Although these two signs are not classically matched, here I feel the two partners in this relationship would make up for what the other lacks. Alex will add serious security and Christine, a sense of fun and adventure. Sagittarius values advanced university degrees for their children, and Capricorn works to make sure, as parents, they can pay for their child’s education.
Currently, Alex seems to have his eye on real estate and finding a larger space for his growing family, and may have started the process early. Capricorn likes to cast a wide net, and there appears to be no rush, although mid-April may bring some interesting residential options.



liz and gabriel

Liz and Gabriel
Elizabeth Wood
Capricorn, born December 27, 1982
Gabriel Nussbaum
Capricorn, born January 7, 1983
Together 4 years
Liz and Gabriel are both Capricorns (ironically, Liz is born on the same day, different year as Alex, above). Both are super-practical and like to prepare carefully for the future. They have common goals, and that’s always a good sign for success. When you look at their birthdays, you see they are born a little over a week apart, so many of their outer planets – ones that move very slowly- are found in identical signs. This gives this couple a remarkably similar worldview.
Both Liz and Gabriel have very serious career ambitions, so late nights at the office for one or the other are expected to come up and handled easily, My only advice would be to ask this couple to schedule more time for fun, for both take their responsibilities so extremely seriously. Liz and Gabriel get frustrated if they don’t regularly see career progress, and if a stretch of time goes by without progress, each will redouble their efforts. For this reason, this couple should make room for fun, vacations and enjoyment, for doing so will nurture the relationship.
Also, with his moon possibly close to Saturn (I don’t have Gabriel’s time of birth and the moon moves quickly, but if it is close….) Gabriel may have seen his mother heavily burdened in life, either with too much heaped on her to do, or because she suffered from an illness or period of depression. Due to this placement, Gabriel is sensitive to women’s issues. I assume Gabriel would work to alleviate any stress Liz may experience, a wonderful quality in any individual, and one that would help to cement a good marriage.



boykin cator chandelier trendland

Boykin and Cator
Boykin Clarke
Sales/Marketing Warby Parker
Virgo, born September 10, 1984
Cator Sparks
Editor in Chief at the Manual
Taurus, born May 3, 1976
Together 5 months
Boykin is a Virgo, and was born with an incredible sense of creativity and vision. He is not only articulate and analytical (“left brain”) but also incredibly gifted with design and the arts, whether this be in painting, poetry, dance, music, design, fashion or another artistic expression, due to Jupiter’s proximity to Neptune.
Boykin went through a very rough time with relationships from 2007 to 2010, but is now over that period. No doubt he learned quite a bit about others’ character and expectations in relationships. Fortunately, that difficult period is over for Boykin—and for all Virgos—and will not be repeated to that degree at any future time in his life.
Cator is a Taurus, another earth sign, so this couple is made for each other! There is no blending more magical than earth with earth! Cator’s three planets in Taurus make him quite sensuous, giving him insight and understanding into the depth of his partner’s artistic talents. Cator is a master communicator—it appears he was born with the moon and Mercury in Gemini, ideal placements for a professional writer, speaker or host in broadcasting/Internet. (I don’t have Cator’s time of birth; the moon moves quickly, so I cannot be absolutely sure that Cator’s moon was in Gemini at his birth, but I feel it was.)
Cator’s natal Venus is found opposed to Uranus, so he has suffered through heartbreak with one or two relationships in the past too, but this can often make an individual more understanding and tolerant of other’s flaws in future relationships. For Cator, I would suggest going into any new relationship slowly, careful to build a sturdy foundation before going deeper. Due to this natal configuration, relationships tend to heat up very quickly for Cator, and that is very exciting, On the flip side to that is that his relationships also run the danger of puffing out just as quickly. By going slowly, he can keep it strong and stable.
Cator must not rock the boat with his partner near the full moon lunar eclipse in his partnership sector, April 27, 2013, for that eclipse will touch his Venus and Uranus, quite suddenly. He should simply watch and observe carefully to see what news the eclipse will deliver. All lunar eclipses illuminate hidden information or matters. Taurus is patient and observant quite naturally, which will help him learn from the eclipse. Cator was born with good fortune planet Jupiter conjunct the planet of love, Venus, suggesting he has a very loving nature, and bringing excellent possibilities for future happiness.



lisa david chandelier trendland

Lisa and David
Lisa Nguyen
Taurus, born May 11, 1987
David Miller
Gemini, born June 3, 1983
Friends 1 year and a half
Lisa is earth-sign Taurus, and David is an air-sign Gemini. On the surface, this would not be an ideal blending, but, this couple’s birthdays give the proof that we must look deeper and study the entire chart. When we do, we see a wonderful pairing of two people in love.
Venus rules Taurus (Lisa), and so this means her natal Venus is the engine that runs her chart. Said another way, Venus holds a prominent place in her chart, and will forever. Her Venus is found conjunct her natal Jupiter, planet of good fortune, and this is a brilliant signature of potential future happiness in love. Further, her natal Venus and Jupiter are found in fire-sign Aries, a sign that blends beautifully with her David’s Gemini Sun.
David is very “mutable’ meaning his natal planets are all found in adaptable, flexible and communicative signs. Taurus can get a little stuck in their ways, and stubborn about moving their position on an issue, but Gemini always has a Plan B to offer—and many others after that if needed. Also, Gemini does not bottle up their thoughts and feelings, another good indication that problems in the relationship will be dealt with quickly, with no time to fester. Also, David’s moon is in empathetic Pisces, another indication of how sensitive he can be to others, including his amour, Lisa.
As a Taurus, Lisa will be true blue and steadfast to David. David will act as a teacher to Lisa in various ways in their life together, including financially, for his natal Saturn is conjunct her natal moon.
If this couple hopes for children, it would be best to conceive early in their commitment to each other, as Saturn in David’s chart so close to Lisa’s moon may bring delays to conception (but Saturn not likely prevent conception).

Susan Miller

If you are interested in Susan’s analysis of your own personal love relationship, then you may want to read her article called Matchmaker on her website, Astrology Zone.
You may want to put in your sun sign and that of your partner first, then reverse the order (Leo with Aries, then Aries with Leo) and by doing that, you will get two reports—you will see how you view your partner and how your partner views you – SM

Susan Miller


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