user48736353001 : Aphex Twin

Unconventional as Richard D. James, a soundcloud account by the name user48736353001 allegedly posting never-released-before demos by Aphex Twin hasn’t stop uploading content since last week. Over 100 new recordings are now available for grabs, that’s nearly 200 published tracks in less than a year.


Considering “Syro” (his 2014 comeback album), the kickstarted 1994 “Caustic Window LP” funded less than a year ago, the mysteriously disappeared thirty-something experimental songs he gave away during an interview on November? Plus the very recent “Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EP” release, which (by the way) hasn’t seen its part 1 – we’re forecasting archive wipe downs, account deletions or gracefully more AFX. For all these you should click to stream or download below before the coffee break.



Now that you’ve guaranteed at least half the musical treasury, visit these links on friday. If any, the only algorithm for the next perfect storm:




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