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The Venue Report

The Venue Report is a new site dedicated to finding, booking, and reporting on the world’s greatest venues. Ever get overwhelmed choosing a great place to celebrate that special occasion?

The Venue Report correspondents will travel to hidden villages in foreign lands, valleys, mountain peaks, and beach towns to find innovative and out of the ordinary venue spaces. What’s even better is that besides discovering and acknowledging new and established venues, The Venue Report correspondents will get you deals and report on inside info for each place. You can now start hosting some of life’s most epic celebratory occasions at even more epic locations.


Here are some of the most remarkable venue discoveries of 2014.

Lombardi House
This new Victorian-style farmhouse in Hollywood caused quite the stir in the event world. Designed by Amber Interiors, a white modern barn features clean lines, open air spaces and a perfectly manicured lawn.
Venue Profile: Lombardi House
Location: Hollywood, Ca
Photo Credit: Valorie Darling

Bombay Sapphire Distillery
Bombay Sapphire took great care in renovating what was once known as the Laverstoke Mill. In fact, there has been a Mill on site in Laverstoke since at least 903 AD. In 1719 it was turned into a fine-quality hand-crafted paper mill and now it delights in distilling some of the world’s smoothest gin.
Venue Profile: Bombay Sapphire Distillery
Location: Southampton , England
Photo Credit: Bombay Sapphire Distillery
The Cordelle
This extremely unique architectural beauty is one of the original historic homes of Nashville, built in the 1880’s. Opened by 3 artists and musicians, the spectacular design makes it really standout.
Venue Profile: The Cordelle
Location: Nashville, TN
Venue Website:
Photo Credit: Heidi Ross Photography

26 Bridge
The renovations to this former metal factory highlight the building’s industrial past, original brick walls, large wooden doors, and magnificent high ceiling with a skylight.
Venue Profile: 26 Bridge
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Venue Website:
Photo Credit: 26 Bridge
Glacier Under Canvas
Tipi Marquis, tents and treehouses all in one perfect space. Under Canvas sits on private land 7 miles away from the entrance to Glacier National Park. As part of the Leave No Trace partnership, they have left the natural land largely intact, only creating space where needed. Each tent and tipi site is nestled amongst the trees for maximum privacy.
Venue Profile: Glacier Under Canvas
Location: Missoula, Montana
Venue Website:
Photo Credit: Studio Castillero

Ace Hotel
Versatile venue spaces abound, but the piece de resistance is the very foundation on which this DTLA Ace was built, the wonderfully vintage theater, creating a temple for the arts and events.
Venue Profile: Ace Hotel
Location: Downtown Los Angeles
Venue Website:
Photo Credit: Ace Hotel