Urban Nomad : Miharayasuhiro Spring 2011

Last weekend we were shopping at L’Eclarieur’s first ever shop in Paris and going nuts over the Miharayasuhiro selection they had.  The dude is a pure genius, but we already knew that since he is our favorite Japanese designer, and always produces a collection that makes our top picks of the season list, (see reviews here). You can really appreciate his workmanship when you look at his accessories and footwear, where he demonstrates a super visual execution of concept and craft. When I got home I paid Miharayasuhiro’s site a visit to see if there were highlights on any of his accessories and this is what I found. I selected a few of my favorite backpacks from his SS 2011 collection. Tattered and pulled, cut-up and patched, they are the perfect look for the modern day Urban Nomad.

It amazes that I never see his collection in New York of all places. He has such limited placement in the US, but the keystone New York taste-maker retailers should be embarrassed not to represent him here. Get on board already!