DJ Tiësto: Escape Me (Feat. CC Sheffield)

In honor of the approaching weekend escape from workday dreariness, I have revived my sleepy dance shoes and put master DJ Tiësto‘s 2009 hit, “Escape Me” featuring CC Sheffield on repeat. His electronic synth hook has got me hooked, not to mention Sheffield’s emotion-loaded pipes. The vocalist for LA-based, Le Rev has been compared to the likes of Blondie and it’s not difficult to hear why. The collaboration with Tiesto–who is globally stalked and has been known as “World’s No.1 DJ”, for those of you who have been avoiding civilization for the past 10 years–was just one of many amazing team ups on Kaleidoscope, his latest LP.

This might not be news to you, but I thought I’d refresh your memory and make my way into your weekend play list! Rats, my selfish scheme has been unveiled.

Listen to “DJ Tiësto: Escape Me (Feat. CC Sheffield)” Here

      1. 02 Escape Me feat CC Sheffield

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