Unknown Mortal Orchestra: How Can U Luv Me

Listen to “How Can U Luv Me” here

      1. How Can U Luv Me


Who is the Unknown Mortal Orchestra? Unknown for not much longer, the Portland-based band is garage pop to get stuck in your head. The surf guitars, low-fi vibes, and plain ‘ole “Beatles pop harmonies”–as they put it–make for sounds that could have lived in the 60’sĀ  and 70’s just as much as bell bottoms. We, at Trendland, can appreciate well-designed bell bottoms, but would more easily be persuaded by UMO’s debut single, “How Can U Luv Me.”

The threesome was formed by New Zealander, Rubin Neilson complete with a teenage drummer/prodigy, Julien Ehrlich, and their brilliant producer and bassist, Jake Portrait. Picked up by Fat Possum Records, Neilson’s vision of junkshop record collector pop came true. Keep your ears out for more from these guys! Happy listening.