The Unique Gourmet Experiments Of TUJU [São Paulo]

In São Paulo’s trendy Vila Madalena, TUJU restaurant is a unique gourmet experience. This Michelin starred restaurant is renowned for its use of non-conventional plant based ingredients grown in the restaurant’s landscaped edible gardens – walls, second floor greenhouse & rooftop included – with its 350 edible species. The menu primes on an unorthodox approach to rethinking what is considered ‘less’ noble in high-gastronomy – Wagyu rump steak, catch of the day, edible tropical flowers and leaves.

There is a focus on Brazilian produce – from the olive oil to local native bee’s honey. Sustainability and an ethos of rethinking overconsumption translate into well-balanced, proportional, seasonal dishes – think green coconut purée, plantain vinaigrette, guinea-fowl on polenta with coffee infused broth, and the delicious Terezinha an orange layered dessert with cachaça slush. We loved the caipirinhas here – possibly the most well crafted in town.

The exquisite industrial-urban-eco architecture, by firms Vapor 324 and Garupa, brings the limits of outer spaces into seating, with clever use of glass, large open kitchen allowing full view of the action, curated Brazilian wooden furniture and integrated gardens – in an homage to youthful culinary creativity.

Written by François Correia

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