Latest French Beauty Brand, Typology: to Demystify the Care Industry

Typology was born of a mission: to demystify the care industry. They design and produce in France, healthy and effective products, with great minimalist branding, at fair prices.

The world of cosmetics has developed with often false promises and uncertain chemicals, so they chose to go back to basics and create an entirely new brand of care, brought together a team of hygiene and care experts, with one mission in mind: to radically change the codes of the industry.

Typology focused on what defines an excellent skincare product: the quality of its ingredients. After a year of research and development, they are launching the RAW range, where each product contains a single raw, natural and sometimes even edible ingredient, such as avocado oil or cranberry powder. All you have to do is assemble them together to create your own care routine.

We love the concept and products and definitely looking forward to more brands going that route!

At each design stage, Typology focused on recyclable materials and the most environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

Their small packaging formats are glass, and their largest recyclable plastic, not to be too heavy. Although, they are already working hard to find alternative solutions to no longer use plastic at all.

By remaining true to our philosophy, we hope to offer a real alternative to consumer products.

Ning Li, founder of Typology

Starting from scratch, they were able to invent a 100% online model without intermediaries, which allows us to guarantee an affordable price, without compromising on quality.