TV Program Studio Set Design by Nendo [Japan]

Japanese design studio Nendo creates a dreamy studio set for ‘another sky’, which is a talk show variety program by Nippon Television Network Corporation. The show invites weekly guests to have conversations with in the studio, and while the guests are talking, the footage of the them visiting a place they have close ties to will be playing in the background. The concept of this program is that while everyone has a different view of the sky in a uniquely memorable place, people are all connected as one.

1060 aluminum pipes were painted in graduating hues of varying heights with a diameter of 8mm, creating a matted white space. Through arrangement of colors and pipes, a sea of clouds, as you might see from an airplane window, was created. The clouds can fade or intensify depending on the camera angle while filming, in order to highlight the guests and the clouds on screen. When airflow is regularly directed onto the set, the pipes wave and the clouds look like it is fluctuating. In this way, the design expresses the concept that a large scenery is a representation of many small stories collected from each guest.

Nendo was founded by Oki Sato, with offices in both Tokyo and Milan. The studio focuses on simple, clever concepts adapted to the design of furniture, installations, interiors, household products, and art objects. By collecting and reshaping everyday life into something that’s easy to understand, Nendo wants to make people feel the small “!” moments hidden in daily life through Nendo’s design.