Summer crushin

TRENDMIX: Summer Crushin’ [Exclu]

Summer crushin

Is Jai Paul the new Prince? Will Duck Sauce claim Record of the Summer with their instant classic “It’s You”? Is trap…still happening? Such are a few of our musical thoughts right now. And, a little trivia: by what nom de plume does current favorite electro pop producer Harley Streten go? (Hint: it’s also the title of Kulkid’s Bon Iver remix). For the zeigeist’s response, take a listen to exclusive TRENDMIX Summer Crushin’ by DJ/artist/producer SASH, who curated some of the season’s best (and a few great oldies). Some things are for certain: remixes rule, house is blue chip, Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories is solid gold and if these dance tracks don’t get you through this heat I don’t know will. Oh, and love is in the air. Enjoy!


[mp3-jplayer tracks=”Get-Free-feat.-Amber-of-Dirty-Projectors.mp3, Crush.mp3, Stay-Branchez-Bootleg.mp3, Stahpfix.mp3, Roxanne.mp3, Get-Lucky-Pretty-Pink-Edit.mp3, Flume-Kulkid-Remix.mp3, Dancin-Remix-KRONO.mp3, Cheating-Bootleg.mp3, Another-Love-Roberto-Calzetta-Twin-Soul-Remix.mp3, Love-Recycled-2.mp3, Corporate-Butcher-feat-MAMA-Solomun-Remix.mp3, Down-in-Mexico-POSSO-Bootleg.mp3, Coastal-Cat.mp3, Give-me-one-reason-The-Tailors-Remix.mp3, Stuck-In-The-Middle-With-You-Todd-Terje-Edit.mp3, You-Me-Flume-Remix.mp3, Str8-Outta-Mumbai.mp3, Jericho-C2C-Remix.mp3, Original-Don-Flosstradamus-Remix.mp3, Blurred-Lines-Remix-Gianluca-Romano-Edit.mp3, Its-You.mp3, American-Cowboy-Sound-Access.mp3, Le-Bump-ft.-Crystal-Waters.mp3″]

Major Lazer: “Get Free feat. Amber of Dirty Projectors
[mp3j track=”Get-Free-feat.-Amber-of-Dirty-Projectors.mp3″]

Jai Paul: “Crush”
[mp3j track=”Crush.mp3″]

Rihanna: “Stay (Branchez Bootleg)”
[mp3j track=”Stay-Branchez-Bootleg.mp3″]

Djemba Djemba: “Stahpfix”
[mp3j track=”Stahpfix.mp3″]

Herr Vogel: “Roxanne”
[mp3j track=”Roxanne.mp3″]

Daft Punk: “Get Lucky (Pretty Pink Edit)”
[mp3j track=”Get-Lucky-Pretty-Pink-Edit.mp3″]

Bon Iver: “Flume (Kulkid Remix)”
[mp3j track=”Flume-Kulkid-Remix.mp3″]

Aaron Smith: “Dancin (Remix KRONO)”
[mp3j track=”Dancin-Remix-KRONO.mp3″]

Robin Schulz: “Cheating (Bootleg)”
[mp3j track=”Cheating-Bootleg.mp3″]

Tom Odell: “Another Love (Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul Remix)
[mp3j track=”Another-Love-Roberto-Calzetta-Twin-Soul-Remix.mp3”]

Solomun: “Love Recycled 2″
[mp3j track=”Love-Recycled-2.mp3”]

Tiefschwarz: “Corporate Butcher feat. MAMA (Solomun Remix)”
[mp3j track=”Corporate-Butcher-feat-MAMA-Solomun-Remix.mp3″]

The Coasters: “Down In Mexico (POSSO Bootleg)”
[mp3j track=”Down-in-Mexico-POSSO-Bootleg.mp3″]

Tez Cadey: “Coastal Cat”
[mp3j track=”Coastal-Cat.mp3″]

Tracy Chapman: “Give Me One Reason (The Tailors Remix)”
[mp3j track=”Give-me-one-reason-The-Tailors-Remix.mp3″]

Stealers Wheels: “Stuck In The Middle With You (Todd Terje Edit)
[mp3j track=”Stuck-In-The-Middle-With-You-Todd-Terje-Edit.mp3”]

Disclosure: “You & Me (Flume Remix)
[mp3j track=”You-Me-Flume-Remix.mp3″]

Jai Paul: “Str8 Outta Mumbai”
[mp3j track=”Str8-Outta-Mumbai.mp3″]

Sister Rosetta Tharpe: “Jericho (C2C Remix)
[mp3j track=”Jericho-C2C-Remix.mp3″]

Robin Thicke feat. Pharrell: “Blurred Lines (Gianluca Romano Edit)”
[mp3j track=”Blurred-Lines-Remix-Gianluca-Romano-Edit.mp3″]

Duck Sauce: “It’s You”
[mp3j track=”Its-You.mp3″]

Jada: “American Cowboy (Sound Access)”
[mp3j track=”American-Cowboy-Sound-Access.mp3″]

Yolanda Be Cool: “Le Bump feat. Crystal Waters”
[mp3j track=”Le-Bump-ft.-Crystal-Waters.mp3″]


And to answer that bit of trivia: “Flume” refers to an original Bon Iver recording off their album For Emma, Forever Ago, as well as 21-year old Aussie Harley Streten. It also refers to a man-made channel for water.


dj/artist/producer – SASH
[email protected]