Trendland Talks With Reptar

Listen to “Blast Off” here

      1. 03 Blastoff


One could only imagine what comes next after a song titled, “Houseboat Babies” and performances stamped with myriads of colored suits and props. Oh, and having produced music with Matt & Kim, Sean P. Diddy Combs, and Gnarles Barkley. With a riveting image and ruthless sounds the Reptar quad wrestled the beatbox again resulting in their August release Oblangle Fizz Y’All (Vagrant Records). Off this vocally vibrant and synth-savvy album, their hit Blast Off makes way as music brains Andrew McFarland, Ryan Engleberger, Graham Ulicny and William Kennedy conduct a symphony of electronic yin yang.

“We are in a position where more people are listening, I think we feel a little pressure to deliver musically, especially in a live setting. We try and keep the live environment as creative as possible by leaving room for improvisation.” – Graham Ulicny, Guitarist

Hailing from Athens, Georgia (though their outlandishness could be mistaken for Greece), the band has engulfed the Southeast in a whirlwind of shows and events. Notably, and unbeknownst to the band , their hit Rainbounce was used in the Jenny Packham show during New York Fashion week this past Fall. “Jenny, if you’re out there hit us up and we will get lunch and swap mixtapes and wardrobes. I will say that any time creative people choose to use our music for creative purposes, I am supremely happy.”

Listen to “Houseboat Babies” here

      2. Houseboat Babies(master)


As one of the more intrepid packs on the electronic radar, Reptar continues to breath skillful invention into their library of sounds. Weighted bass and off-guard vocals sting through an eclectic array of keyboard tricks on nearly all of their tracks. Coupled with a vortex of lighting and stage animation, their live performances reveal a touch of smartypants with creativity.

“As far as our visual presence, a lot of that has to do with things we absorb from our surroundings. Much of it is piecemeal. The lyrics are mostly personal. I like to write in a stream of consciousness style, stemming from different experiences I have had. Sometimes I will sing as different characters, or in different voices per the song.”

Although we are trumpeting their last album and even further, their first, Reptar is already geared to release their next. What could one expect after an album titled Oblangle Fizz Y’All (and a New Years Eve with two fabricated giant pyramids hung over the stage containing different materials reflecting light)? According to Graham, the band just wrapped up their recordings for a new album due out in March. “We experimented with a lot of new sounds/instruments including some newly acquired equipment. Being able to concentrate on each sound and how it works in the context of each song was important and I think we learned some things. The vibe is different.”

Look out: catch the group in Florida this month on the 27th and stay tuned for their upcoming releases circa March.