Trendland Talks With Nicky Blitz

Artwork by Dakota Solt

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      1. 03 Alive


“Sometimes, I don’t go out at night. I’m gonna kick it with my parents inside.” Why? Because they’re “alive!” If life could always be that simply beautiful.

Then again, the truth tends to seep out of Nicky Blitz‘s words. The down-to-earth Angelino keeps it real, letting his natural sense of humor out when speaking of his Southern California home. “Encino, SFV, 818, fo’ life.” It’s no secret that Blitz is lovingly bound to his upbringing. Hell, his newest single–being sold as a limited edition vinyl on All Things Go Records–“Alive” raves about “taking Grandma to the movies.”

“That’s what we do: Watch movies, drink, and dance. She is a badass and thinks my voice sucks. The part at the end was an old story of her yelling at me…just fit right with the song.”

Grandma is catching on to the endearing vocals of her grandson. With her lyrical cameo in his newest single, she’s become a bit more fond of the idea of him singing. It must be the unique B-52’s-meets-Talking Heads quality people have come to love in the past, and will continue to in the future. “You’re totally right on. I love [them!],” he admits in response to my comparison.

Photo by Andre Vippolis

Listen to “Summer Sinner” here

      2. Summer Sinner

In fact, Blitz admits to being a respectable music lover altogether. “I was raised on Van Morrison, Joe Cocker, and, Sly and the Family Stone.” Nowadays, he mixes up his palate, listening to “a bunch of Drake, Plains, and ANR.” This explains his widely-inspired music. Take “Summer Sinner,” his last single, which began racking up som buzz for him last summer. It was fueled by an electrifying piano and punk-infused B-52s style vocals; while, “Alive” showcases the funky David Bryne-like nature to his combined elements of electronic pop, funky sounds, and interestingly indie vibe.

You may just be getting to know the artist, and producer (yes, he produces all his own tracks), but he has been Nicky Blitz since way back. “My friend from high school…gave me the name. [It’s] lasted since.”

It looks like the nickname stuck. Let Blitz’s tunes get stuck in your head just the same. It’s inevitable.

You can expect his next single, “BLAST OFF,” in the beginning of 2012. There may or may not have been mention of a ballad…

Artwork by Dakota Solt


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