Trendland Talks With Ava Carrère

Listen to “I’m Not What I Do” here

      1. I'm Not What I Do


Ava Carrère is flaunting a rebellious electro-samba-meets-tribal tune and delivering sassy prose with “I’m Not What I Do.” Flirting with traces of Camille’s “Assise,” this French gallant lofts her voice through a jungle of mixes from lullaby to rap ditty with a breath of Ladytron slash Lil’Kim. Uncannily,  she opens up about her song: “it’s an irresponsible little song, the song of a brat who doesn’t want to take responsibility. To go a bit deeper it’s also about the relation between time and facts, between who we think we are, some sort of fixed identity and what we actually do, that sometimes fits our idea of an identity and sometimes doesn’t.” 

Categorizing her music as alien pop and partial to the guitar and keyboard, Ava admits her music has undergone many transformations with the use of technology leading her through pop-jazz to punk. She’s a fan of loops and playbacks, and thankful for her tech savvy counterparts she responds to music and technology humbly.

I enjoy electronic music but that’s not what I want to do per se. Technology was just a means. It’s hard to fill in the stage alone with your voice and some playbacks, I managed to do that for years, now I want to try something more organic. I want to experiment with the instruments and understand music and be able to improvise (I’m doing everything backwards).

But it doesn’t stop there. Gentrification in Berlin? Sarkozy politics? Musical heritage? Just a few of many subjects Ava lyrically addresses on her album Discombobulée, which included eight tracks with the help of Frank Williams and Bud (Fantazio, and the Ghost Dance), plus, collaborators, Kim Giani and Benjamin Sanz. Soon after the album release (2011), a family of musicians including Denis Schuler, Benoît Daniel, David Lescot and Thierry Lechauve joined in under the direction of Frank Williams.

Photo by Helene Bozzi


Growing up in France and Greece, and mastering five languages has contributed to a colorful range of music compositions and performances for Ava Carrère. She has left a footprint throughout Berlin venues as the DIY performer for her improvised cardboard instruments which accompanied her Garage Band audio in stage halls. Employing her English, she plays with words against a trampoline heroizing message-infused verses.

Listen to “Valse Tritse” here

      2. Valse Tritse

Now residing in Paris, having collaborated with French spin sensation DJ Guido, played at acclaimed venues Trois Baudets and La Flèche d’Or, Ava is in progress with Ava Hervier, a surprise French band, and her own collaborators while also working with La Fugitive studio building sounds to hit the scene. Don’t miss her circus of instruments on a playground of world affairs projected through an unforgettable waltz, self-titled, “Valse Triste” in collaboration with Berlin’s Kid Ikarus. If you’re Paris-side this holiday season, catch Ms. Carrère on December 26th at the International.

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