Track Her With GPS Bra and Panties?!

What have we come to?

Feminists have got their frilly, alluring, cherry-flavored thongs in a bunch over a new line of underwear released by sexy techie cum lingerie designer Lucia Lorio of Brazil. They think the line equates to a modern day chastity belt and are chastising the designer for saddling a technological yolk on today’s women.

Lorio responds (in a husky whisper with her hand on your leg) that the collection is “a wink to women and a challenge to men because, even if she gives him the password to her GPS, she can always turn it off.”

“It’s not a modern chastity belt. Some men think they can keep tabs on their girlfriends with it, but they’re wrong,” Lorio added.


Fair enough, Lorio you rogue. But is it safe? “Some women are now interested in buying it for protection,” she said, programming it for partners themselves so they are safe on a night out alone. “In London, New York, Rio de Janiero – wherever there is danger, the underwear may prove to be a lifesaver,” she added.

Yeah, that’s not really what I meant. I mean, if it gets slathered in watermelon-flavored sex jelly, am I going to get electrocuted? – via Spike