Torafu’s Haunted Playhouse

Torafu Architects designed a “Haunted House” for The Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo included in an exhibition for children entitled Ghosts, Underpants and StarsThey turned the exhibition space in a creepy hall of portraits which appear to be perfectly ordinary at first glance, but strange things occur as eyes gaze at you and faces in the picture suddenly change. Upon entering the secret room, roles are reversed, and you in turn become the tricksters on the other side of the paintings. The goal of Torafu Architects is to engage people more actively while stimulating their imagination. They also want to challenge perspectives and norms and break the rules as children are encouraged to run, shout and touch. The “Bridge with eyes” is especially amazing as the eyes seem to be static but appear to follow you–becoming surreal, as a result. This project is so ingenious and astounding!

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Photo Credits: Fuminari Yoshitsugu