With over 300 stores in the UK and 100 international stores, Topshop is expected to launch their first Flagship store in NY this October, located at Broadway and Broome St. To celebrate the opening of the store Topshop have linked up with the McCarren Pool Parties team for Summer Sunday Pool Parties. Here is a Snipit of Chioma’s, fashion editor of Fader, review on the event. See you guys at the next one.

McCarren Park Pool is huge. Freaking massive. Imagine a shallow hole the length of a football field and you might get an idea of just how big. Of course there hasn’t been any water in it for ages now—it opened back in the 1930s, closed in the 1980s and was rediscovered in the 2000s as a fun place to hold parties.

Matt of Brooklyn-based duo Matt and Kim (they performed right before the Breeders came on, more about them in a bit) admits he used to sneak into McCarren when it was derelict, and all he found were old mattresses and syringes. It makes sense that cute and gangly skaterkids are the first in the queue for the concert. It left them just enough time to practice zooming around the empty pool before the fans and hula hoopers show up.

Plus skateboards double up as very useful accessory. Melissa from the band Telepathe likes to uses hers as a low bench to get a comfy seat when’s she’s backstage.

– Go to Topshop McCarren Pool Parties website to read her full fashion review and see all the pics. The style is definitely not inspiring. I went thru all the pics and saw nothing new, but the party def seems worth checking out.