Top Trends From Social Media for 2020

The end of the year is fast approaching and tech and social media companies analyzed all their datas, giving them clear insights of 2019 and direction onto where the trends are going for 2020 – Here are some keep points from what Facebook and Pinterest analyzed: These full reports are definitely worth a look, with specific regional insights along with the broader trend tips.

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* Acting Greener: People have been talking about sustainability for years. Now, many are making small lifestyle changes that have a big impact on the environment as access to information and eco-friendly products grows
around the world.

* Responsible travel: Like many industries, tourism is reaching an eco-conscious crossroad as people look to lessen their impact when exploring new places.

* Conscious consumption: A more Eco-friendly world, changing how we live—from everyday choices to life’s biggest milestones.

* Re-wilding: the call of the wild, urging you to get outside.

* Going back to basics: People are looking for minimalistic products and routines that have maximum impact.

* Home hub: Home is where the heart is. But now it’s also where your office is… and your gym…

* Fitness is Fun: Following a trend pioneered in the US, a new crop of boutique fitness centers is bringing the UK workout into a party setting.

* Internationally inspired: The world feels smaller than ever as people trade influences and traditions every which way.

* Astrological Intuition: Long viewed as a mystical way to predict the future, astrological signs are becoming tools for the present as people use their star charts as roadmaps to their dispositions.

* Pampered pets: People treat their pets just like their human family. Or in some cases…even better

* 90s rerun: Forget partying like it’s 1999. These days, we’re living like it’s 1999. We’re seeing 90s references all over, from high-fashion runways to retro devices…

* Flexitarianism: People in the US are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the environment and, in turn, are working to eat more sustainably…

* From Podcasts to Screens: Podcasts have exploded91 in popularity in recent years, with more listeners and content than ever before. Now, shows with cult followings are making the jump to TV…

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