Tofer Chin’s “Totally” First NY Solo Show

If the name Tofer Chin does not ring a bell, well than first and foremost you are not a true Trendland fan, second and more importantly you may be missing out on the beginning of a very relevant artists career of our generation. We have been closely following Tofer’s projects and art for the last five or more years and are really excited to have

the exclusive coverage of his “Totally” first NY solo show, which opened last night at Lu Magnus Gallery in New York.

to·tal·ly adv
~ the sum of; in its entirety; wholly ~ slang. word used for emphasis; origins from the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles; also used by surfers, skaters and other subculture groups, used to express unequivocal accord.

In this audacious New York debut solo exhibition, Tofer Chin’s new body of work of geometric paintings, photographic wall wrap and sculpture utilizes color palette reflecting the brash attitude of the ‘80s and early ‘90s skater culture.

Black, white and neon resonate throughout the exhibition. The geometric construction of the paintings is based on mathematical calculations, with titles based on the sum of its constituent parts: number, color and form. For example, the painting 31 White Lines on Black is made up of 31 white lines on a black background. Although each work adheres to a formulaic geometric expression, it is a window into a psychological space within the viewer, as each work is based on the keyhole perspective, seeing only a portion of what’s behind.

This exhibition forces the viewer to question his/her sense of perception, as lines appear to jump off the paintings, and stalagmites seem to jut forward out of the wall. The sum of all parts of the space and all its contents are absorbed into a single totality, while mathematical expression transforms into psychophysiological space, throwing askew our sense of perspective with an illusory extra dimension.

Lu Magnus
January 28, 2012 – March 25, 2012
t: +1.212.677.6555 INFO@LUMAGNUS.COM