Thursday Throwback: Dolly Parton


      1. Jolene


In an age of electronic produced music, a country classic powerhouse female with a heart of gold manages to steal our hearts this week for our Thursday Throwback.As Lana del Rey emulates the fantastic package of a singing starlet, and Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” plays on loop, does the essence of Dolly Parton manage to find itself in our subconscious?

Raised dirt poor in a one room cabin with her 11 siblings, Dolly was singing by age 9 on the radio and found herself in Nashville just days after her high school graduation.  A basic formula mixing simplicity, harmonic chord progression, and a haunting melody are the defining elements of Jolene, Dolly Parton’s blues hit.  As a woman with a larger than life, cartoon personality, and a fondness for sequins, embellished lace, and waxy wigs, Dolly is known just as much for her image as her songwriting.


But today, we salute a woman with a voice that people listen to, who plays over 6 instruments, and stands out as a talented actress, caring philanthropist, and phenomenal businesswoman.  Dolly has managed to transcend all genres of music to find herself truly etched into the fabric of the American Dream.

For more from Dolly, look for her on Twitter (@dolly_parton)